Our Environment Policy.

December 9, 2014

As we are cruising amongst one of the most beautiful place on earth, we must not forget that every little thing we do impact the environment.

Therefore it is crucial for us to limit that impact to the minimum, to preserve the Bacuit Bay and its wonders.

 From the very beginning of the project we had as a priority to be environment aware:

No plastic bottles for water. We provide personal refillable water tank for all our guest to use and take around.

Only “highly biodegradable products and low impact” for all purposes including body wash, shampoo, dish washing, toilet bowl cleaner, air freshener (Official certifications from the MSDS Philippines).

Refillable dispenser for shower gel, shampoo and kitchen product.

Use of a septic tank on the boat (that we empty at sea far from corals and snorkelers, and highly biodegradable toilet paper.

Commitment to follow the Green Fin program and preserve the corals.

Commitment to participate in the beach clean up days trough the year.

Commitment for all our guest to participate and pay the ETDF (Eco-Tourism and Development Fee: PHP200,00 valid 10 days).

Using mooring lines as much as possible or only anchoring on sandy area when necessary.


As we leave, we take only memories and leave nothing but foot prints in the sand…

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